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How to Sell Used Books and other things on Amazon: Step by Step Guide 2021
Published On: November 8, 2021
Step by step guide to sell used product on amazon

We all have some of the other things which are not in use maybe because of the up-gradation of that machine or any other reason and those things are just “wearing the dust jacket” and sitting inside the storeroom waiting to get utilized by someone.

So let’s why not sell those items on amazon and earn some money and if that model works well we can make a passive income.

Amazon seriously? you all would be thinking.

Yes, you can sell used items on Amazon like any other online platform examples can be quikr and olx.

So as we know Amazon is the biggest giant in the eCommerce industry and its growth escalating each month and this is a very good sign for us to sell the used items on amazon.

So for selling used goods on amazon we required 3 documents.

  1. Pan Card
  2. GST Number
  3. Bank Details

Now many of you would be turning back that we don’t have a GST number so let’s drop this plan.

But I would insist you give it a try because it’s very easy to obtain the GST number in a few minutes you can get your GST number and its very compulsory to have a GST number for selling goods.

There are some exceptions like if you are selling your used books you don’t require a GST number.

So before diving into how you can create your first-ever Amazon sellers account.

I want you to decide the basic 2 things which will help you to sell used goods on Amazon.

  1. Your Fulfilment Method
  2. The type of Amazon Seller

Once you made those decisions, you are up for listing the products on amazon and waiting for your first sale

1) Your Fulfilment method – It refers to how you will full fill your orders on Amazon or in simple terms from which inventory/warehouse the order will reach the customer

There are 2 types of fulfilment

A) Fulfilment By Merchant(FBM)– With this method when the customer purchase your product so it’s your responsibility to pick, pack, and ship the order by the carrier of your choice(FedEx,DTDC etc).

FBM is only used when there are few orders to full fill because in FBM all the cost(Storage cost if not stored at home, Logistics cost, Amazon fees) has to be maintained by the seller.

Mainly it’s good for beginners who are just starting their Amazon seller journey

More often people choose FBM and the shipping part is given to amazon logistics. we will come to know more about this in a further blog.

B) Fulfilment By Amazon – In this method the seller sends the goods to one of the Amazon fulfilment centers which take care of goods and when the customer order the product it’s packed, pick and shipped all are done by amazon and the seller has to pay the cost to the amazon.

More often FBA is used by the seller who has a lot of orders and the operation cost can’t be lower than FBA fees in simple terms they are getting more orders but they don’t have enough storage and well as shipping and other cost accumulating more than FBA fees.

2)The Type Of Amazon Sellers – There are 2 types of Amazon sellers

A)Individual Sellers – These are the sellers who pay a sale commission of $0.99 to amazon on every order they received and the seller is not selling more than 40 products in the month.

Individual sellers are good for the seller who are just trying their hand on amazon or just want to experiment/try amazon search engine or want to sell their used items.

B)Professional Sellers-   These are the sellers who pay a monthly subscription amount of $39.99 Amazon and sell more than 40 products on amazon.

Professional Sellers are good for the sellers who have a large number of orders, large inventories.

Note- We are just starting with selling our used items on amazon so we will go for Individual Sellers

After deciding these 2 things let’s move on to create our Amazon seller account


Just in 6 simple steps, you can start selling used product on Amazon

Step 01– Type on your browser amazon seller central or just click on this link you will be redirected to this page click on the start selling icon.






Step 2– Create your account by filling up the details like:-

  • Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID (Optional)
  • Password

Set a password that is strong and you don’t forget because that will be the login credentials for your amazon sellers account

After putting in every detail your will be receiving an OTP on your registered mobile number after putting OTP you will be redirected to the next page.



Now put the name of your company/ business you can put your name if you have taken the GST  under your name.

Note- Don’t type a name that does not match the business name in  GST details.

Now tick mark the seller agreement and then click on the continue button.


Step 3 – Now you have to feed the seller information in the form which consist of basic details such as –





The name which you select for the store will be visible to the public so while pursuing further check the availability of the name and complete all the fields.

Step 4 –  As discussed above you can choose the option of how you want the product to be shipped and delivered to the customer

Step 5- After completing the step 4 you have to enable 2 Factor Authentications to proceed further

After enabling the 2-factor authentication you can find your product in the Amazon catalogue so that you can add that product into your seller account



UPC – Universal Product Code that consists of 12 GTIN-12 which consists of twelve numeric characters that uniquely identify a company’s individual product

EAN –  European Article Number

ISBN – International Standard Book Number which is mentioned on every book and by typing that number you can recognize that book.

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number every product on Amazon has a different ASIN number.

Or you can directly search the product with the name.

Step 6 – After selecting the product in the search box you can select the condition and you are up for selling the product


After selecting the condition of book as we are selling used items click on the used item condition on the right side and then proceed with sell this product.

After clicking on-sell this product it will be redirecting you to another page that will ask you the following details.


  •  Seller SKU: This is the code that is given to your personal book you can set that code anything which is remembered to you if you leave it blank amazon will put a code by itself.
  • Your Price: Sell the book as low as possible without incurring a loss on it so that you can get an edge over your competitor.
  • Quantity: If you have more quantity of that book just type the number of stock available otherwise it will be set on default on one.
  • Condition: There are mainly five types of category ‘New’, ‘Like new’, ‘Very good’, ‘Good’, and ‘Acceptable’. you can select any of the categories according to the condition of the product if you are selling collectable books you have further options like hardcover books with dust jackets have separate conditions for just the dust jack
  • Fulfilment Channel: Select the fulfilment FBA or FBM.

After filling up the details you have to upload the photo of the product so that customers can view that product after clicking on save and finish it’s done.

After selecting the fulfilment option either 2 things will happen

  1. FBM: If you have selected fulfilment by merchant it will take 15-20 min to get listed on amazon.
  2. FBA: If you have selected fulfilment by amazon it will take time because you have to pack the goods and send them to the Fulfilment centre of amazon which will take time and after reaching the fulfilment centre goods will be reviewed by amazon personnel which take around 3 to 1 week of time.

Have you sold goods on amazon? If yes share your experience in the comment below, we would love to hear your experience.

If you want to start your eCommerce store so that you can create your passive income or your dream online business click here

Additionally, if you have any doubts or want my help in anything related to eCommerce, feel free to shoot me an email here at [email protected]  – and I will try my best to help you out.






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