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Don’t Underestimate the Power Of Marketing
Published On: October 13, 2021

After reading the title of the article, what comes to your mind?

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Shahrukh khan obviously, even before the name of the movie his names come to our mind.

It’s because of his personal brand.

And how do we come to know about Shahrukh khan?

Now you would be thinking this guy gone mad!

But think about it if you don’t get to know about Shahrukh khan or any other actors?

Ye kya bol rha hai, Translate- what are you speaking.

Our lives would be ‘boring’! ugh

Even I can not think abt such a situation.

Now if we keep this imagination moving ahead.

What if the product we are using we never come to know about?

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This could be our reaction because we wouldn’t ever encounter those products.

Bass Karo ab!

Translate- Let’s stop now.

I can’t imagine more abt a world like that.

Thanks to our ancestor or jaduu(alien) who came on earth and created a Scientific technique which made us know about our favourite product.

What scientific technique now he is talking about?

The one and only our saviour Marketing Technique.

Is it marketing? you all would me mumbling.

Marketing is science you all would be thinking? I thought of marketing as normal selling.

If this were your thought

Then you are wrong.!

Because marketing contains multiple scientific techniques which start even before the product is launched in the market.

Marketers have “Magic Goggles” you will come to know the logic behind this.

let’s swim deeper.

Don’t worry who doesn’t know swimming won’t die here. LoL

The fundamental of marketing – Learning from successful players in the market

There is a quote in Hindi, “जो दिखता है वही बिकता है (Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai!)” which roughly translates to, “The product that is seen is the product that sells.” its one of the main pillars of marketing, putting your product before the world and let the potential customer buying it.

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It sounds easy dude to do marketing.

Is it? without understanding marketing science if you go into the market your brain would be


👉Marketing starts before the product is launched in the market. It involves understanding your customer’s needs and developing a product accordingly.

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Think about it. let’s take an ex of Xiamoi company which made its strategy to expand their business in the Indian market in July 2014.

why mi comp. was thinking to expand its business in India?

Because they have seen the huge demand for affordable smartphones which was predicted in India and even JIO has started its operation in 2015 which was cherry on top for Xiaomi

Now more ppl were coming on the internet and needed a cheaper phone with many features and their need was fulfilled by Xiaomi company due to which.

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They became India’s best smartphone sellers and according to its annual results for 2018, Xiaomi generated about $25.4 billion in revenue last year, up by a whopping 52.6% over 2017.

Now that’s called the use of the right marketing strategy which starts before the product is manufactured.

👉 Marketing starts before the product. It begins with finding a need in the market.

Now its clear why I said marketers have magic goggles.

Xiaomi created a different space in the Indian market and got the label of affordable phone and make the market shaken, which lead to the huge demand for their phones after this competitor and other mobile manufacturers started coming up with affordable phones but Xiaomi was way ahead.

👉 Don’t be the no.1, be the only one.

Xiaomi started doing experimentation with getting into some other market segment with the same zeel of providing the product with affordable and medium quality and when they started doing it they failed but after a successful attempt, they got success in the market.

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Xiaomi enters the electric vehicle business.

👉Marketing is the game of experiment some things work out, some things don’t it’s more science than creativity.

This is an ex which I took to explain how good product which satisfies the need of the buyers and good marketing strategy that can result in massive success

That is why it’s been said, “Good business run on the great product but Great business run on the good product as well good marketing strategy”.

Now you would be wondering we understood the power of marketing!

But how and where to release the power of Marketing

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

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So before getting deep into digital or traditional marketing.

let’s understand that how different businesses addressed their marketing message?

You would be answering billboards, pamphlets, tv, radio, digital medium, etc.

These are only classified as Digital and traditional, so choosing one as the channel of transferring messages depends on the product the company is dealing with.

It often sometimes becomes a hard choice for the marketer to opt for.

Traditional marketing means marketing goods and services using those platforms, channels, and techniques that involve one-way communication tools, instead of two-way flow.

All your billboards, t.v, radio, are a few examples of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing has its own benefits like:-

No alt text provided for this image

Easy Connectivity after seeing an ad on the billboard can make the target audience easily connected with the advertisement.

After seeing the image I guess it pretty much cleared how it easily connects even we started thinking about the movie and it reminded ppl to book the tickets for the film.

This holding would be seen by many people who would be going through that road.

But it has the limation that it’s only effective when there is a famous brand image on the billboard or its about Discount or sale advertisement.

Moreover, if a new startup won’t go with the traditional way BCS it’s expensive, and the company can not track the conversion too and the targeting of the customer is also standard. even we come across, so many holding like that but are we remember the marketing msg?

So you would be thinking the modern way of doing marketing is digital marketing if you are thinking like then you are right.

No alt text provided for this image

DIGITAL MARKETING —Every product you come to know from the internet is known as digital marketing.

Digital Marketing involves many concepts such as Content Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, Site Analytics, Google Ads Management, Social Media Management, Social Media Ads, and many more.

Now all of these are parts of Digital Marketing, but they don’t really define Digital Marketing.

What defines Digital Marketing is its purpose, i.e., connecting with the target audience, digitally.

And connecting with the target audience on the internet is also less expensive and it’s easy to measure the conversion that how many people have bought the product and the reach on the internet is massive.

No alt text provided for this image

It too has a limitation that is called lack of trust.

People usually do not trust digital marketing on the first go.

Which reminds me about one of the favourite dialogue by Harshad Mehta.


Comment down which is your favourite mode of transferring marketing messages.

So you all would we be thinking

Is there any sure sort ways of marketing a business in the modern era

Yes! there is

The one and only Marketing Funnel.

Now let’s understand what is a marketing funnel in layman style no boring definitions.

I have a question for you even though I want you to think about how you buy a product?

I know obvious Ans would be online but did it happen that you were reading a blog post and the content was so informative that made you trust the person and you buy the product.

I know the maximum of the answer would be yes! BCS it happened with us.

If we gave this method of our purchasing and techniques used by sellers is known as Funnel

Now you would be curious to know more about this funnel.

And how some of the business funnels are so successful and earning great revenue?

So there is a super successful marketing funnel given by my mentor Deepak kanakaraju

And I am writing this article for my internship DDIP[Degital Deepak internship program] in which my mentor Deepak taught me about the Law of marketing.

No alt text provided for this image

  1. let’s discuss the funnel

There is a sure sort way or secret of earning bountiful wealth.

A formula derived by my mentor is wealth =n^CATT

Where n = your niche (i.e., The Problem that you are solving).

Content – So the content is the beginning and the most crucial part of the funnel where you will be solving a specific problem of customers.

Let’s take my ex– *I was searching for digital marketing and I got a digital Deepak blog where he explained about digital marketing.

Attention – I bet we all know it better in our school days when one of our friends tries to talk with a girl and if she didn’t reply to him.

How we tease him , “तुझे भाव ही नहीं मिला”

Translate- You didn’t get Attention

It should not happen with our content that we are not able to grab the attention of our users.

We have to make sure our content should be so amazing that the audience reaches the end of the funnel.

*I was reading the full blog because my mentor was able to catch my attention with their content.

Trust – The most important and crucial element of the funnel. If we see this in a general way whenever we are buying any product we tend to trust sellers that the quality of the product will be good.

Do you remember any incident when you purchased the product without trusting the seller?

I don’t remember!

In our childhood also we don’t have given our bicycle to a person whom we don’t trust. And remember our mother used to say “Don’t take anything from the strangers”

So now we can understand that trust is very important in marketing and if a company want to be successful it has to win the trust of the customer

*As I started attending a free webinar by digital Deepak, it was of so value and all his master classes were a boom. It was so good that my trust developed in digital Deepak.

Transaction – As customers reach this part of the funnel they just need to be convinced to buy the product right now even at this stage customer is convenient by the product just a little bit confused that I should buy right now or later.

*As my trust developed I had purchased his internship program.

So now we are ready to implement this funnel marketing technique and generate more sales.

I know you all will be excited to use this marketing technique but

Jara Ruko To Sahi” Trans. – Just wait! something surprising is their downside

Pecche To Dekho” Trans – Just look at the back.

So the surprise or I should say the ”Magic Hands”.

For the successful implementation of funnel or marketing tools, we have to understand.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Now if we have to understand integrated marketing we have to understand what integrated means connecting multiple pieces of the puzzle to formulate a meaningful operation.

Here multiple pieces can be the different modes and if align properly can make your product/service to be visible to a wast majority of the people.

But I know you would be thinking it’s difficult to be good at every mode, even it’s true also

But we can automate the work of digital marketing.

Like the Elon musk-making self-driving cars.


Like that, you can make your

  1. Email Automate
  2. Social Media Post
  3. Your Blog Post
  4. You can even check the journey of the customer on your website and according to them, you can show the relevant ads.

Think if you have an army like that how easy will be your operation.

Now let’s deep dive more

No alt text provided for this image

If you are searching for a product on the internet it can be anything.

Like I am searching for an Earphone on the internet but I didn’t buy

what gonna happen next?

Any guess…

Let me tell you I will start getting advertisements for earphones on every digital medium either on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, which are some of the examples.

Now you can understand why marketing is called science.

But there are some products whose company CEO have a different identity or massive reach than their company.

They became a bigger brand than the company.

So are you excited to know how they do that?

So Chliye shuru krte hai Transl. let’s get started

Personal Branding – Be your own brand

No alt text provided for this image

Have look at the profile of Elon muskRatan Tata, Anand Mahindra they have more followers than their companies.

Many people would know about Elon musk then his companies Tesla and Space X any activities performed by him became massive news spreading like fire in the forest.

For example – As Elon musk said initially to invest in bitcoins its statement became so attention-grabbing that many people invested in bitcoin which result in a somewhat price hike up.

There is a reason why personal branding always works. It is a fact that people trust a person more than a corporation. This trust is ultimately reflected in the corporate.

A question comes to everyone’s mind it looks good to see those people have such a brand image what if I too have that personal branding image?

So if you want to become a personal brand like others you have to work hard it won’t happen over the night.

So I would share a blueprint which is created by my mentor Mr. Deepak kanakaraju and he calls this process #MASS TRUST

No alt text provided for this image

Learn – A new skill that is profitable and has a wider scope of success learning never stops There is a quote your knowledge is your money and from where knowledge will come when you will learn.

Work – All you have learned is to try to implement those things don’t just let that information in your brain trying to work on that as much as possible work your ass off.

Because you want to become a personal brand you want to conquer the competition so you have to work hard.

Blog – All you have to do is share your knowledge with the world and your blog would be the building blocks of your personal branding.

Consult – All you have to do is consult with the people who are facing the same problem and help them to overcome their problem.

Mentor – When you start teaching your skills to others you became better at your skills because when you are teaching those skills you are becoming good at its fundamental.

Startup – When we realize that we became so good at that particular skills that we can start a startup out of that skills and with our own uniqueness we can create our own identity in the market when we do that, and our startup grows our personal brand associated with it also became famous.


☑️ Marketing is more science than creativity. It Starts before the product is launched in the market and it stays till after-sales support of the product.

☑️Marketing is the game of experiments some things work out, some things don’t, And always remember “your product quality comes first then marketing

☑️ Good business run on the great product but great business run on a great product and a good digital marketing strategy and when you find out that great product finds out which marketing medium would best suit your product.

☑️If you want to be successful in the market you have to create your own uniqueness in the market.”Don’t compete to become no1 be the only one” try to automate your marketing aspect and make integrated marketing do wonders for your business.

☑️The limitation of the digital era is lack of trust try using CATT Funnel for your business for attracting the audience and building trust in your product.

☑️Personal brand will help you to diversify your business or product and will give you a wider reach because people will trust you more than the company itself.

If you want to know more about how to stay happy you can click on this link


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